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Aspire2 services the autism community, providing information, awareness and training opportunities for professionals, carers, individuals on the Fleurieu Peninsula SA. Working closely with the autism community and other organisations, we have improved services, networks and the autism community wellbeing.

Aspire2 aims to create a child safe and child friendly environment where all children and young people are respected, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

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Projects, workshops and events run or supported by Aspire2 or FPF:

The best way to keep up with our projects and other related activities is to follow our Facebook page. We post some general long-living links here, but not short-lived links already promoted on facebook.

Other general community projects, workshops and events:

Fleurieu Families offers parenting information in the form of support groups, courses and information packages on many aspects of parenting.

Aspire To Inspire Together, often abbreviated to Aspire2, is a Fleurieu Peninsula based Australian registered charity.

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Registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.
ABN 85 933 014 130
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Aspire2 has Child Safe Policies which also extend to vulnerable people. Access to the documents can be provided on request.